Interview with Anthony Haden-Guest

1) Anthony, you were the first artist approached and invited to join ArtScene, a wearable art movement! Tell us about the inspiration behind this decision?

AHG: I make cartoons that deal directly with human behavior, the human condition. What could be a more appropriate place for them than the human body?

2) ArtScene is a disruptive art movement and you are its pioneer cartoonist. What themes have you chosen to explore? (why)

AHG : No limits! My theme is life on earth. And anywhere else you can imagine it.

3) How does ArtScene connect fashion and humor with art and the language of art?

AHG: Fashion and humor are both primal human drives. So is art-making. They deserve to be connected. That is ArtScene’s Mission Possible!

4) Art speaks a universal language, inspires, collaborates, connects and educates. Art Scene and its collaborators, believe that when you wear art, you become art. How does Art Scene capture the raw essence of artistic expression and translates it into modern language, that is fashionable, all inclusive and educational?

AHG: I believe that art and artists don’t need to be kept in a privileged enclosure. When you bring art to a wider, sometimes unknowing audience you don’t diminish its power, you just broaden its reach. Enormously!

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