Alexander Charriol

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii to French parents and raised on three continents, Alexander Charriol is a natural explorer of the world, culture, and human connection. Charriol first found his love for painting during high school in London. His passion led to his first solo exhibition at Sydney Muse in 1995. He continued his formal arts education at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and then moved onto the New School in New York City.

Charriol has since been exhibited and collected by some of the most prestigious art galleries and museums around the world including LHTM Gallery, the Ayala Museum in the Philippines, the Yoshii Gallery of Paris and Japan, and Artspace in Dubai. In 2010, Alexander hosted his first pop-up Human Flow Project exhibition, a drawing marathon in NY, which will continue to tour in Hong Kong, Bangkok, the Philippines, and Los Angeles. His most recent inspiration that has come to life is his contemporary artist-led fashion brand, Artscene, which launches in summer 2016. When Alexander isn’t painting or poking and provoking, he can be found cooking bolognese for friends at home or studying mindfulness practices for the soul and body.